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Denver Commercial Concrete Contractor

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Trusted Construction Company in Denver, Colorado

Get started on your commercial project when you reach out to our professionals. We have the knowledge and training to provide innovative building solutions for your business. Whether you’re remodeling your office or building an entirely new property, our commercial construction company takes great pride in helping you build the property of your dreams.

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driveway construction cost near

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About Us

driveway construction cost near

EMC Construction is the premium commercial concrete contractor for Colorado’s city of Denver. As a commercial construction company, EMC is dedicated to the highest quality placement, repair or renovation of concrete surfaces. Our specialty is creating ideal walkways and walls for outdoor areas for new or existing buildings. We provide the walkable foundation for commercial properties, sidewalks, driveways, outdoor patios, walls, fences and footings for foundations. If you’re building something new, or adding on to where you work, EMC Construction will make it look good from the first step.

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Concrete Construction

The main medium of material we work with is concrete. Our concrete is mixed fresh, on site, with exact measurements for long lasting durability and curbside appeal. We construct our own molds to custom-fit to the job site, adding curves or grades to any surface that will endure through all weather. We repair broken or cracked concrete and can replace whole sections of concrete at a time, without any industrial waste left behind.

Sidewalk Construction

Just like asphalt guides cars, sidewalks guide feet. Any building, office or home, needs a sidewalk that invites people closer and leads them to the right places. We lay curved sidewalks, straight sidewalks, thick curbside sidewalks and durable weatherproof sidewalks that last through the seasons and won’t freeze over in winter. Our sidewalks can be treated to give it a different appearance, allowing you to have a brick-work appearance at the cost of standard concrete. We work on your designs, and can lay a sidewalk out that leaves plenty of room for gardening, greenery or general patches of nature to stand out with curbside appeal.

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Driveway Construction

Cars shouldn’t be left out in the open to the elements, they need a shelter of their own, and a safe way of getting in and out of that shelter. We pour driveways, even at an angle, to be smooth and solid. Our concrete can handle big cars, commercial vehicles, and all the chalk that can be drawn on them during summer playtime. Our driveways can be as wide as you need them, to cover the entire width of a multi-car garage or as thin is you want it to lead straight up to a single door garage. We can build them on up or down grades, with room for proper drainage on the downslopes to keep the car safe and the elements out. And it’s weather proof. Just let it get wet once in a while to keep it clean.

Patio Construction

Imagine having a calm sitting area to read or relax and just let the time pass calmly, with a solid floor and all your favorite furniture. Now put it outside. We can install patios that don’t just feel solid, they look nice and natural, with tiled blocks and bricks to give it a rustic feeling while still maintaining the strength and long lasting fortitude of concrete. Sheltered or unsheltered, we can help build based on any design. Tough, stamped concrete will put up with the hard corners of any furniture legs and can be easily buffed out or washed clean. Patios are easy additions to make for a renovation, and can instantly increase a home’s value!

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Fences Installation

These aren’t made of concrete, but they’re just as solid. They say good fences make good neighbors. We can make you the best neighbor on the block. For commercial properties, we install fences for blocking out unwanted traffic from the wrong places, and can implement it with concrete fixtures to keep it sturdy and in place for a long time. We know concrete and can install a fence in set, solid concrete by breaking it up strategically and pouring new sets in with the fence posts to merge the structures together perfectly. We’re very mindful of maintaining the health of greenery and can safely install a fence in a grass yard without compromising the health of the grass. We have fences in different styles, perfect for home, business, or a home business to look its best.

Walls Construction

Concrete is great as a floor or base, but what if you got all that durability and structural strength standing up? We make walls, too. Standalone walls for independent structures, the framework of a building in progress, and repairs to standing walls that need some extra strength to keep them up. Our team can be the helping hand to a home renovator or the hard working branch that extends an office by one more wing. We build up the same way we build out and have construction grade presses and molds to fit concrete in where it can set and stay standing. We work from the ground up on all our projects, take on-site measurements to get everything perfect and exact, and keep a roof over everyone’s heads.

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Footings Construction

The first step to a new building is the foundation. It involves digging up the surrounding area where the deepest parts of the building will go and filling it in with the highest strength material to support the weight that will be built up on top. To start that process, each foundation needs a footing – a trench of concrete and rebar that squares off the whole area where the rest of the foundation will be built inside of. We bring the concrete that can hold any building from the outside in and will set it correctly as a foundation for any structure. The first step of constructing a new building is taken with the foot.

Commercial or Residential

We are a commercial construction company focused on business and enterprise buildings. But concrete isn’t just for business. It’s a highly versatile material that can fit for homes as well. We work with clients in business and home remodeling alike, those who need quick repairs or long-term renovations, or even people who are building from the ground up and need experts to handle the heavy pouring. EMC Construction is building Denver up one block at a time, and giving people solid ground to walk on.

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